Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Pictures from our April 15th Party

Thank you Jennifer!!
Jennifer sent pictures of her family that were taken at our April 15th Tea Party to post on the blog.
If anyone else has any they want up please let me know!! I am happy to post them!!

Also I am working on trying to get our own website up and published. Slow going as I have never set up a website before. Am working on it though.

Kind of looks like we are split between the 11 and 1 times on the votes so am thinking we will split the difference and go with noon. How does that sound to everyone??

Thank you everyone for the support!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting In Gear For July 4th!!

OK, here we go!! Starting to get things going for the July 4th rally.
We have found out that this is going to be the American Freedom Day Rally - Springfield Missouri Edition!! Our slogan will be "Turn up the heat!!"

I am ready! Are you? Right now we are in the planning stages and trying to get everything together. If you saw something you really liked at the first one please let us know! Conversely if you saw something you didn't like let us know that as well.
This is YOUR rally, what do you want to see there?? Please let me know any suggestions. I have a poll up so we can nail down a time. This is of course a Saturday and the 4th of July so we don't want to interfere with a plans for families. However we need to know pretty soon as we need to line up the events so a basic time-frame sure would be a help.

Future updates will be posted here as I get them.

Look forward to seeing you all there again!!

Thank You Springfield!!! April 15th

I want to personally thank everyone that showed up for the National Tax Day Tea Party, Springfield Edition!!

I was so proud to see such a turnout especially with all the confusion, not to mention the short amount of time we had to prepare!

I wanted to share a couple things with you. We collected 135 pounds of food for the Ozarks Food Harvest and $20 as well. Thank you everyone who contributed.

We had the media there but sure didn't get much coverage out of it!! But that doesn't matter!! What matters is that we make our voices even louder and stronger. I hope all of you agree that this might have been the first of our rallies but it sure won't be the last. We are moving forward, even now in the plans for the next one on July 4th. The details will be ironed out as we move forward.

I did manage to get some pictures at the Tax Day Rally and am hoping some of you got some as well.